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One of a hundred. One hundred gifts in progress. One hundred, wrapped and ready to give. These were destined for a trade show. Our home-studio in action. Reusing classic highway maps as wrapping paper. Red & green tule ribbon on black & white paper. Have we mentioned nothing's too oddly shaped for us? The red ribbon is recycled paper, and the brown ribbon is organic cotton. We wrapped a didgeridoo in a five-foot long box. Step one: measure the paper. Wrapping a didgeridoo, step two: align the stripes. Wrapping a didgeridoo, step 3: add a big ol' bow. And here's the didgeridoo, ready to go under the tree (if it'll fit). We can come to you to wrap your gifts, we just need a table where we can get a little messy (but don't worry, we clean up after). A brightly painted wooden dreidel. A fresh fir twig on recycled pine-print paper. For G. Wrapped in our client's hand-printed paper topped with a  tissue paper flower we made. Yep, we do gift bags, too. These are from a dog walker to his doggie clients (and their people). We assembled the contents then wrapped these giftboxes. A musical pair: matching ukulele & guitar. Sometimes big gifts come in small packages. Clean & sharp. We love wrapping gifts in actual maps, but this map-printed wrapping paper is fun, too. More map-printed paper = more fun. Prop gifts wrapped by Ace making a cameo appearance in the video for Ashkon's hyphy holiday anthem, Snowglobe.	Two great-looking gifts that go great together. This music tag is made of velum and old sheet music, and that's an organic cotton ribbon, too. A cheerful couple. And here's another cute pair. We like to keep our design clean and simple, but sometimes a big, hand-made paper flower is just the thing. We tied the ribbon in a bowtie knot, and wrapped a wide, sheer polkadot ribbon on top of polkadot paper for a layered effect. Once again, a perfect alignment, just like we like it. Traditional Christmas. Our holiday pop-up shop from 2012. One of our many tool kits. Reversable ribbon on hand-printed paper. Combining bright ribbon and bakers twine for a contrasting effect. We love this busy plaid against the serene pine print. Yep, we do shipping, too. Lilac ribbon made of organic cotton, tied in a perfect bow. We wrapped this British-themed gift in a map of London and tied it with a Union Jack-inspired bow. This gift comes from the future. Trees with a tree. Tule rules the yule. White and orange together? Yes please! Orange gifts in progress. Everybody gets one! A pieceful moment at a holiday gift fair. Royal blue. wordpress jquery lightbox by VisualLightBox.com v6.0m