Perfectly Presentable

At Ace Gift Wrapping Service, we understand first impressions count. A beautifully wrapped gift delights and impresses before it's even opened. It gives more, it is more; it's the difference between handing someone an object and presenting them with a gift.

If this sounds daunting to you, never fear: at Ace, we love making your gifts perfectly presentable. We make the cuts clean, the corners crisp, the bows fluffy, and we do it quickly and efficiently.


Our clients have better things to do with their time and energy than get frustrated dealing with wrapping paper. We work with anyone who wants to give beautiful gifts but doesn't have the time or inclination to wrap themselves. Our clients include -

  • busy admin assistants who hardly have enough time to answer email much less wrap 150 employee gifts
  • people with disabilities who are challenged by the mobility required for wrapping
  • grandparents with too many presents for a pack of grandkids they enjoy spoiling (and let's admit it, they spoil the kids, too)
  • bachelors who want to give that one special gift to really wow a special someone - girlfriend, mom, daughter, best friend, client, or boss
  • retailers who want to increase sales and customer satisfaction alike with a value-added perk to a gift set or specialty item
  • event planners, art directors, and stylists looking to create a festive holiday mood for a party, shoot, or window display

And our gift wrapping demos and workshops are a great additions to holiday parties, social groups, DIY events, and craft fairs.


We also understand just as our client's resources are valuable, so are our planet's. We do everything we can to minimize our impact by being as sustainable and waste-free as possible. We use our materials as efficiently as possible, of course, which reduces waste. Our wrapping papers are made with at least 80% recycled content, and if we do have scraps, we recycle or reuse them, even if it means taking them off-site with us. We hand-make our gift tags and many of our decorative toppers with reclaimed materials, and we even use scissors and tape dispensers made from recycled plastic. Whenever we can wrap more sustainably, we do, and are fully committed to continued improvement.

The Gift Wrapping Ace

Sig Hafstrom is the owner and big ace wrapper at Ace. She love wrapping like you wouldn't believe; the mix of exact precision and aesthetic creativity thrills her like nothing else. Every gift she wraps she endeavors to make more perfect, more beautiful than the one before, and she wraps hundreds if not thousands of gifts a year, so as you can imagine, she makes them pretty darn perfect. She started her life as a professional wrapper in 1997 with a private concierge service, and worked for many holiday seasons with Nordstrom's and Macy's before starting Ace in 2010.

When she's not wielding the scissors and tape, Sig's a florist and proprietor of Sig Hafstrom Botanical Design, and makes and sells jewelry and other accessories at Hafstrom's Department Store. She's also a musician - a lead vocalist and violist in the Eggplant Casino, and bass player and back-up vocalist in Have Special Power. She studied sculpture at CCA, and has worked as an executive/admin assistant, made props and costumes for theater, produces films and events, djs, and is an avid runner. In summation, she likes to keep busy.